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 Lotus stretches its root in mud, extends the stalk, never dyes to the color of the mud. Although, it grows up and blooms into a clean, beautiful flower.

I believe that each person has a pure heart, not dyed to anything even in severe environment and/or situation, and is waiting for its blooming.

In our office, we will professionally work on legal measures, as well as do our best to sincerely and politely correspond with the heart and feeling of every person related.

Moreover, “Lotus” also means “paradise”.

It would be our greatest pleasure if we could help to create ‘paradise’ on the earth, by practicing the act of love and thanks.

Office information


Address HOMAT hanzomon 4F,
TOKYO 102-0083 JAPAN
Telephone 03-5216-7033
Facsimile 03-5216-7040
Email lotus@lotus-office.net
URL http://www.lotus-office.net/en
Office Hour Mon.- Fri. 9 am – 6pm
Handling Field intellectual property(patent, utility model, design, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, etc.), miscellaneous civil affairs, etc.
Newly arrived information
・April 2012 Japanese Sakura Photos1(link) Photos2(link)
(Our office is very close to Imperial Palace and here is famous for its sakura).
・April 2010 Japanese Sakura Photos1(link) Photos2(link)
・Supported by your assistance, I was able to start my new office peacefully from Sept. 3rd, 2008.
I'd like to send my deepest gratitude to you all.
・Akiyama will be in charge of briefing sessions on New Employee Invention(link) and Prior User's Right(link), and individual consultation(link) from August-November of 2008 in Hokkaido.
 →Materials on the sessions above can be downloaded from here: